The 16mm Kinor 16CX-2M was developed in 1975 and used primarily for television and documentary production. Relatively quiet (about 40db) and producing a steady image (0.015mm registration variance), it is a prime candidate for those producing quality work on a limited budget.
• Motor: Electrical motor with system stabilization.
• Film frame: 7.42 x 10.05mm
• Film: 16mm film, with single or double perforation, long 100ft (30m) or 400ft (120m)
• Film cassetes: Metal quick change daylight load film magazines for 100ft (30m)and 400ft (120m) film
• Speed: 25fps crystal
• Viewing: reflex
• Single bladed mirror shutter with 170 degree angle
• Claw mechanism with one transport pic and one registration pin.
• Lens: Prime lenses: 6.5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm
• Zoom lens: 12-120mm, 10-100mm
• Focusing: via focusing screen or distance marks on the lens.
• Viewfinder: Rotation, Reflex, 9.5 x, wih correction +/- 5D
• Sound recording: camera has electronic module for pilot-signal for sync sound recorder.
• Battery: 12V
• Maximum work time (continuously): 10 minutes.
• Ambient temperature: From -25 C up to 40 C
• Size with 10mm lens and 100ft cassette: 290 x 220 x 220mm
• Weight: 4.7 Kg.


KINOR 16P and KINOR 16 CX-2M. Kodak 250D

KINOR 16R (for SALE)
Very rare Russian camera preserved in ideal conditions. This Camera was built for TV news gathering in the late 80ies. It seems to imitate Aaton Cameras in some aspects. It must have been released and used in quiet small numbers. In set: 2 x 120m mags, 10mm - 100mm zoom. Vario speed controller. Other accesories. For more information contact me:

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